Namada, Osmosis to Co-fuse Blockchain to Fund Public Goods

Privacy-focused blockchain firm Namada is seeking to partner with Osmosis to fund software “public goods” and airdrop its planned NAM token to OSMO investors.

☑️13 – Nodal Analysis involving Voltage Sources (Supernode) 1

In this lesson, we shall learn how to solve circuits problem using nodal analysis considering circuits with voltage sources.

In this lesson we shall solve two examples.
Steps to solve circuits using nodal analysis
1. Identify reference nodes, label non-referenced nodes and assign current in the circuit.
2. Apply kcl at each non-referenced node to obtain the current equations and ohms law to obtain the node voltages.
3. Solve the equations obtained simultaneously, if the equations obtained are more than two, it is preferred to use cramer’s rule or matrix inversion method while you can use method of elimination and substitution for two equations.
NB: the number of non-referenced nodes gives an indication of the number of equations you are going to obtain.

In addition to these steps, we shall discuss two other cases.
1. If there is a voltage source between the reference node and a nonreference then we simply set the voltage at the nonreference node equal to the voltage of the voltage source.
2. If there is a voltage between two nonreference nodes then they form a single generalized node called a supernode.

A supernode is formed by enclosing a voltage source (dependent or independent) between two nonreference nodes and any element in parallel with it.

00:00 – Example 1
11:39 – Example 2

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Node Voltage Method Circuit Analysis With Current Sources

This electronics video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the node voltage method of analyzing circuits. It contains circuits with voltage and current sources. It explains how to determine every current in a resistor as well as the electric potential of all nodal points in the circuit.

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Proof Of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast Ep 1 – LTO Network With CMO Shawn Naderi

#cryptocurrency #cryptopodcast #crypto #podcasts #technology
This is the first Episode of Proof of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast where I talk to people actively involved in building and developing the cryptocurrency and web3 industry.

This week is my pleasure to sit down the Chief Marketing Officer of LTO, a Hybrid Network with both a Public and Private layer that aims to solve GDPR and compliance issues.

This podcast is fueled by Aesir, an Algorithmic cryptocurrency Trading Platform that I helped develop over the last 2 years that offers a unique set of features.

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Namada, Osmosis to Co-fuse Blockchain to Fund Public Goods

Privacy-focused blockchain firm Namada is seeking to partner with Osmosis to fund software “public goods” and airdrop its planned NAM token to OSMO investors.

In a recent blog post, Namada co-founder Christopher Goes revealed that he has proposed a partnership with Cosmos-based Osmosis that would enrich the respective ecosystems and offer benefits to OSMO token holders, stakers, and liquidity providers.  

He added that the company aims to roll out shielded actions on the Osmosis protocol, unifying privacy sets across the two networks. 

The shielded action feature allows users to keep their assets private while being able to use all the necessary applications across the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. 

This strategy will offer better privacy, particularly for people who trade numerous cryptocurrencies across multiple platforms.

Namada will also contribute continuous public goods funding to a grants pool managed by the Osmosis Grants Program, which will finance projects of mutual benefit to both ecosystems. 

Namada is a proof-of-stake blockchain with asset-agnostic shielded transfers designed to unify privacy sets across the Interchain. The platform supports privacy but not smart contracts or trading activities like Osmosis. 

Namada to Airdrop NAM tokens to OSMO Holders.

The Anoma Foundation, Namada’s non-profit organization, aims to give an airdrop of a portion of Namada’s staking NAM tokens to OSMO holders and allocate funds for joint-interest areas. 

The snapshot hasn’t yet happened and distribution could come after Namada goes live. The exact timelines and amounts are not identified in part because the Osmosis community has not yet weighed in.

Notably, the partnership proposal will only proceed if an OSMO governance vote approves it.

“Before committing to this plan, or to specific amounts, we would like to ask the Osmosis community as to what y’all think!” Goes said in the blog post. 

“In particular, the Anoma Foundation seeks consent – we would never want to contribute to the grants pool, conduct an airdrop, pursue shielded actions, etc.”

If the partnership moves forward, Namada said it will collaborate with the Osmosis team and community to develop a new version of the Osmosis frontend, providing UX while performing Namada shielded actions under the hood. 

While the proposal has not yet received much response from the community, some early respondents have shown support for the plan. 

For instance, Osmosis user Leonoor’s Cryptoman said he believes the community would support the airdrop given that it comes from a legit project. 

“If you are looking for funding (what my gutfeeling tells me) the OGP is the place to go,” the user added. “Community pool fundings are from the past imo, since we pay an entity to do the work for us.”

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