Sturdy Finance DeFi Protocol Faces Exploit, Loses More Than $750,000

DeFi protocol Sturdy Finance has been exploited, but the team has promised that no further action will be taken if the money is returned.

This DeFi Protocol Was Forced to Halt Operations by the US Watchdog

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Sturdy Finance on Fantom | Insane Stable coin APRs

Sturdy Finance on Fantom is a new lending and borrowing protocol providing insane stable coin APRs.

Sturdy Finance also allows you to stake Fantom, Boo, Spell, Beets and more!

Borrow stable coins on fantom at little to no interest rate.

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Low interest borrowing and high yield lending with Sturdy Finance #DeFi #Ethereum #web3 #crypto

EXPLOIT en Plataforma DeFi, Sturdy Finance $768,000 en ETH Robados

La plataforma Sturdy Finance ha sufrido un exploit, pero no parece ser un hack de contrato inteligente o una violación de seguridad.
El problema parece estar relacionado con la manipulación de precios.
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