Today in Crypto: Casper Labs' Collab with Google Cloud, Yuga Labs' Experimental Collection, Robinhood's Subpoena, Trezor's Silicon Chips, UAE's Digital Asset Companies Free Zone

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Casper Labs’ Collab with Google Cloud, Yuga Labs’ Experimental Collection, Robinhood’s Subpoena, Tre

Casper Labs’ Collab with Google Cloud, Yuga Labs’ Experimental Collection, Robinhood’s Subpoena, Trezor’s Silicon Chips, UAE’s Digital Asset Companies Free Zone

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Trezor and XDeFi | Metamask’s New Rival! | Your DeFi Dream Team��

�� Exciting news for crypto enthusiasts! Trezor, the leading hardware wallet known for its impeccable security, has joined forces with XDeFi, the cutting-edge decentralized finance platform. With this powerful integration, you can now experience DeFi like never before! XDeFi, a formidable competitor to Metamask, offers lightning-fast transactions and a user-friendly interface. Take control of your financial journey and connect your Trezor wallet to XDeFi today! Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity – secure, manage, and grow your crypto with ease. Happy DeFi-ing! ������

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0:45 – What is XDeFi Wallet?
3:06 – How to Connect Your Trezor to XDeFi

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