Vogue Brings NFTs To Fashion Magazines World

The Singaporean edition of international luxury fashion magazine Vogue is bringing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to high-end fashion, featuring a QR code in its September issue that enables access to two digital covers created by fashion designers, which are available as NFTs.

Paris Hilton’s Biggest Splurge To Date | The Clothes of Our Lives | ELLE

When it comes to closets, #ParisHilton is unmatched. The Hollywood style icon is giving ELLE a tour of her hottest pieces on #ClothesofOurLives, from her biggest splurge, to her top Y2k picks, and her favorite ‘fit to cook with, as seen on #CookingWithParis. For more ELLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48D5Z60iY34 &list=PLG8Rnf78qVIFhub02ak08gPPNFn38v8Rg &ab_channel=ELLE

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Song Association | Season 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daHF42Izwkg &list=PLG8Rnf78qVIHl1VQOM8Q1ub55oU8NHvhB
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What Are People Wearing in New York? (Fashion Trends 2023 NYC Style Ep.36)

What are people wearing in New York? Explore the fashion trends 2023 has to offer and learn what’s hot! From nyc street style to high fashion, we’ve got you covered. We take a look at the coolest spring outfits and hottest colors that are sure to be awesome in the coming year.

Watch More What Are People Wearing in New York: @devmooreurl

Join me in the 36th episode of What Are People Wearing as we take a look at the 2023 spring outfits of New York City for 2023. I’ll be covering streetwear outfits 2023 that are sure to be awesome for spring 2023 fashion, as well as the latest 2023 streetwear brands that are shining in the fashion industry. We’ll be exploring the nyc fashion capital neighborhood of Soho including Prince Street, Canal Street, Mercer Street, plus Brooklyn’s Bushwick & Williamsburg neighborhood to get a glimpse of millennial styles, gen z fashion, and learn more about what people are wearing. We’ll also be checking out the 2023 streetwear design styles that are always worth checking out. This episode will be perfect for spring fashion 2023, featuring the latest Streetwear 2023 Womens fashion trends and the freshest Soho nyc street style from @ageorama and an appearance from @LittleLunaMusic! Don’t miss out on all the post-looks from New York Fashion Week 2023 and the fashion trends 2023 spring has to offer from NYC as they show off their style!

Music by @freezythegoat.

Fashion Has Entered The Metaverse: NFTs Explained | Bustle

Ready or not, fashion NFTs are here. But are they here to stay?

What started with the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009 has now developed into a digital market of artwork, collectibles, games, and even virtual worlds for purchase. Fashion is quickly making its way into the metaverse, with seasoned and up-and-coming designers creating digital items of their own. High fashion is always in high demand in the real world, and it looks like it will be in the virtual realm as well. Consumers are already purchasing fashion NFTs for millions of dollars.

There is a lot we still don’t know about NFTs. What is the point of owning something in the metaverse? Will they appreciate over time? What are the risks of purchasing: financial, environmental or otherwise? To help us answer these questions and more, we teamed up with fashion model turned futurist Sinead Bovell. Watch the video above to hear an expert weigh in.

Future of Fashion is a series from Bustle following pioneers in the industry who are following the evolution of style and technology.

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Crypto Update | Vogue Brings NFTs To Fashion Magazines World

Crypto Update | Vogue Brings NFTs To Fashion Magazines World

visit for more info: https://vogue.sg/vogue-singapore-nfts/

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