'Anything is Possible in Metaverse': Decentraland's Fashion Week Attracts 60+ Designers, Brands & Artists

The metaverse continues to infiltrate the high-end fashion industry, with Decentraland, one of the most popular emerging virtual worlds, hosting the Metaverse Fashion Week between March 24 and 27, which will include more than 60 brands, artists, and designers.

Renovi Plaza, Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland

Renovi Studios is really excited about the future of Web3.0!

Looking back on what was achieved during Decentraland’s inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week, we can’t wait for all future opportunities that are emerging with brands and organisations within the #Metaverse.

We are passionate about creating exceptional immersive experiences for all.

We are just getting started!

Feng Chen Wang Metaverse Show: Made-to-Measure Collection

The concept of the real and the virtual – and the way those two entities interact is what underpins Feng Chen Wang’s Metaverse fashion show. Presented as part of Shanghai Fashion Week, Feng invites us on a journey into her virtual world – in the literal contemporary sense, and in the older philosophical one.

From avant-garde tailoring for men, to expansive, expressive womenswear looks, the made-to-measure clothes in this collection are seasonless. They feature both real and virtual designs that exist and don’t yet exist. The collection is linked to Feng Chen Wang Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, presented as part of London Fashion Week in February of this year, but also extends to a more futuristic and sustainable made-to-measure collection with customised embellished @Nike Air Force 1 and @Nike Air Force 1 PLT.AF.ORM sneakers.

3D Visualisation: Inert Plan

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Forever 21 | Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland | Metaverse Architects

Metaverse Architects Presents:

Today blockchain-based virtual world platform Decentraland launched the 2022 Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW22).

The event will last for four days and involves the participation of over 70 brands, artists, and designers including well-established household names like Dolce & Gabbana, Estee Lauder, Forever 21, and Selfridges. Some new and emerging digital designers including The Fabricant and AUROBOROS are also participating.

Attendees can explore Decentraland’s newly created virtual Fashion District and watch runway shows featuring both physical and digital fashion collections. There will also be guest panel talks, galleries, and after-parties.

Several brands including Selfridges, Forever 21, and Hogan are debuting virtual stores in Decentraland where customers can purchase non-fungible token (NFT) fashion pieces. Some of these pieces will be wearable within the Decentraland metaverse, providing additional utility to buyers instead of just being static images on screens.

“Metaverse Fashion Week serves as the perfect, monumental event to introduce to the world the philosophy behind everything we build. A space built by and run for by its community,” said Decentraland Foundation’s Creative Director, Sam Hamilton. “Through MVFW22, we endeavor to broaden the horizon of what ‘metaverse’ means. We just leveled up the playing field for the world of fashion and decreased the limitations. Even in the metaverse, you’ll be needing a ‘fit’.”

Recently fashion brands have been entering the NFT and metaverse sectors in growing numbers. With low unit product and distribution costs and potentially high sales prices, the NFT market is becoming increasingly attractive to traditional fashion houses.

Earlier this month Italian fashion brand Diesel launched an NFT platform for physical and digital wearables. And in January Gucci partnered with digital character brand Superplastic to launch a SuperGucci NFT collection.

Exploring my designs in Metaverse Fashion Week – Decentraland, Spatial & OVER

I had the honour of showcasing my designs in 3 different places (Decentraland, Spatial and Over at Terrazza Duomo 21) within Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 and I’m taking you guys with me. It was interesting to see how these virtual worlds showcase fashion and how users interact with digital fashion.

00:00 INTRO
12:49 OVER AR
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